Halos Happy Halladays?!

December 12, 2008

Should it become finalized Peavy won’t come an hour north to the Halos, Halladay appears the next tremendous opportunity.   

Looking at the Blue Jays current depth chart (http://toronto.bluejays.mlb.com/team/depth_chart/index.jsp?c_id=tor), they’re without Marcum until 2010 and McGowan until mid-2009.  They’ve lost AJ to the Yankees, a chunk off the starting rotation anchor with Halladay.  GM JP Riccardi might be faced with a new decision here, whether to trade Halladay while secured through 2010 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roy_Halladay).      

It’s apparent he’s dealing with a big drop off, mending around Halladay having signed Clement after AJ.  Marcum and McGowan, meanwhile, were those prospects on the horizon, and unless Riccardi has more to reach into of the Jays system replacing them, he may be forced to trump from the big club to the organization’s future wealth.  

The Jays offense is presently anchored by Wells in CF and Rios in RF.  Travis Snider projects in their OF, but everything else around the diamond is thin where JP may need to start looking outward to build, through free agency or trade.  The Angels, possibly, present that opportunistic source for him off Halladay, who have pitching and middle or corner infield prospects to save him of the free agent spending. 

Halladay could be on the block here, soon, with the Halos that match!

Knowing Halladay is secured through 2010, if you’re the Angels considering a trade for him and his agent demands an extension, would you give it to him; better yet, should the Angels demand that extension if his agent doesn’t??  

Considering what’s unfolded now, it’s Halladay’s opportunity to bring his anchor to a rare team prominent and resourceful for world championship bids for quite some time ahead.  With 2 years remaining, I’d assume he’d want to stay longer with a reasonable extension in order, would he not?


  1. scbono

    Halladay? You’re really pressing now! How do you assume he’s already on the trading block? Why stop there when you can pry Webb away from the D-Backs!

    “Considering what’s unfolded now, it’s Halladay’s opportunity to bring his anchor to a rare team prominent and resourceful for world championship bids for quite some time ahead. With 2 years remaining, I’d assume he’d want to stay longer with a reasonable extension in order, would he not?”

    Sure, this will solve everything and get the Halos to the World Series every year, buddy. Pitching alone ain’t gonna get it done. We need bats. We need Tex! How’s about getting past the BoSox first. If you’re above assumption holds true, than Halladay becomes a Ray!

    Listen, I wanna win as bad as you, but I’m trying to be a little more realistic here. Since the Halos aren’t gonna shell out the type of money the Yanks do, we have to be creative and take the baby-steps necessary to get through each round of the playoffs. The BoSox are our nemesis and until we get by them in playoffs, we need to load up our offense. In a 5-game playoff series, we only need 3 starters and a lot of hitters…Do the math!

    It wasn’t too long ago that after the Halos lost in the playoffs to the BoSox did you state that Bud Selig was going to change the first round to a 7-game series. What a crock of ****!!! I am 100% certain that this never crossed his mind and after this past World Series and the weather, it will never happen! I can see it happening if the WS was moved to a neutral site, like the NFL, and it be played in a closed stadium/arena, but that take too much away from the team’s fanbase.

    You’ve got some series balls!! I bring up that if the Halos lose out on Tex they could offer a package to Minny for Justin Morneau. We know Minny is a small market team, likes young players, and maintains a low payroll, so it could be a perfect match with the Halos and moving some of our younger players. So, now you move in on this Halladay b.s. Well, I hate to bring it to your attention, but you are O for on all of your player acquisitions – to date, both documented and verbally said. Because of your hatred towards Boras, you now hope that the Halos not sign Tex. Instead, you prefer the older, more expensive ManRam.

    Let us all not forget that the Yanks are still about $40+M under last season’s payroll. Not only can they still afford either Petitte or D. Lowe, but they can also sign Tex for more money and/or years than anyone else can! Don’t count them out, especially at the last moment. They very well can meet the 10-yr $200M contract that Tex and Boras have been seeking.

    Anyways, J-Dub, it’s time to get off your high horse, don’t quit your day job, and please, please stop in your attempts in becoming the Halos fantasy GM. This world will be a better place without your insights and ways to improve the Halos!

  2. scbono

    This just in:

    “Also, Padres GM Kevin Towers revealed in a radio interview that the Angels asked about a Peavy-Adrian Gonzalez package deal, but the Padres don’t want to trade Gonzalez. As a baseball fan, I like it when Towers reveals things like this. It must be incredibly frustrating for rival GMs though.”

    So much for your theory on the Bud Black-Angels connection, right? How ignorant can someone be to believe that Bud Black would put his former organization infront of his current organization? Bud Black is not the GM nor does he have experience to offer any persuasive decisions when it involves trades!

    Don’t believe everything you hear about Gonzalez being untouchable. No one is untouchable….much like no one is under paid for their services in MLB, NFL, or NBA.

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